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AI ANIMO: Episode One is a freemint which has been scheduled on May 6th 2023 and only open for whitelisted users.We have arranged to airdrop gas fee to all whitelisted users in advance.
Visit StarryNift's Sui branch: , click "Connect Wallet" located at the top right corner.
Choose the wallet you have registered your whitelist address, then enter your password to connect. The following 4 wallets are curretnly suppoted by the platform.
if you used other wallets to submit your whitelist address, then follow the steps below to import your wallet private key in order to proceed with the freemint. We suggest to use the official Sui wallet to import your private key. Let's take Suiet wallet as an example.
1) Unlock your Suiet wallet.
2) Follow step 1-5 to copy your private key.
3) Then create an account with Sui wallet. Enter your password to unlock the wallet.Follow step 1-4, then click "Continue" to complete importing of your private key. Now you can use Sui wallet with your whitelisted address to mint mystery box.