Binance Equipment Integration

Learn how to transfer your Binance NFT Equipment onto StarryNift platform

Log in your BinanceNFT account at

Click the upper-right avatar and choose User Center to enter the account page.

Click on the StarryNift Genesis Equipment. You will see all your StarryNift NFTs. Look for the equipment you would like to withdraw and transfer to StarryNift and click on it.

โš ๏ธ You need to open the mystery box. Only the equipment can be withdrawn and transferred into the game.

Click Withdraw to initiate the process.

Select the quantity.

Type in the destination of the BSC address that you want like to withdraw to. Click withdraw and follow the steps.

Please be aware that it takes time for the BSC network to process the withdraw action, please wait patiently.

Once submitted, the system will show a prompt.

Wait for a couple of hours. You will be able to find the equipment in the same withdrawal address. Sign in through this address on our platform: Click on the upper-right avatar.

You will be able to find the equipment in your wallet account under the "Items" tab as shown below:

โš ๏ธ Please take note that the Binance NFT equipment comes in a 6-piece set, and players can break the set of equipment and equip another single equipment onto any of the slots.

That is all. Be sure to strengthen your Code Greens by equipping them with the Binance NFT equipment!

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