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Navigate to the "Starry AI" tab using the main navigation menu to access the homepage.

Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of chatbots that are currently published and accessible for users. The chatbots are categorized by tags, streamlining the process of finding ones that align with your interests. Additionally, you have the option to utilize the search box to locate chatbots by their names.

For each chatbot, detailed information is provided, including:

  • Profile Image: A visual representation of the chatbot.

  • Name: The official name of the chatbot.

  • Description: A brief overview of what the chatbot does or is designed for.

  • Creator: The name or identifier of the individual or team responsible for creating the chatbot.

  • Bot Statistics: Displays the total number of chats and the overall votes received.

These details are highlighted for easy identification and to help you quickly understand what each chatbot offers.

To support your favourite chatbots, click the "Vote" button. You're allowed to cast up to 5 votes per day. Please be aware that voting for chatbots created by yourself is not permitted.

Select the chatbot you wish to interact with, and you will be taken to its detailed info. page. Here, you'll find additional options such as sharing the chatbot, related chatbots, and more. By clicking the "Chat" button, you will be directed to the main chat interface.

Note that you need to login first to enter the main chat interface.

Clicking "Share" button gives you the options to either share the chatbot to Twitter or copy its unique URL, allowing you to share it with friends, inviting them to try out the chatbot by themselves.

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