⏫ Upgrade Function

Using experience gained from EXP Battles to upgrade your Code Greens.


Upgrading Code Greens by leveling them up grants them with a huge boost in the following attributes:

1) Attack ⚔️ 2) Defense 🛡️ 3) Health ❤️

These attributes are crucial in helping you gain an edge in battles in the following features:

1) EXP Battles

Higher level Code Greens have a higher chance of winning EXP battles and hence, will be able to collect more EXP over a longer period of time.

2) Tournament

Leveling up your Code Greens increases their strength, giving you a significant edge over your enemies in tournament battles. In the future, there may be a minimum level threshold requirement for Code Greens to participate in tournaments.

Future Use Cases

When Code Greens reach a certain level threshold, they will be able to perform the following functions:

1) Breeding (NOW LIVE)

Code Greens will be able to breed in the future. This is an important feature that will allow players to generate newer Code Greens.

2) Spaceship Battles (NOW LIVE)

Code Greens will play a crucial role in our upcoming spaceship battles, where players will get to experience a new way to play-to-earn.

3) Limit-Break

Code Greens will be able to increase their maximum level (no longer capped at level 20) limit through the limit-break function that will drastically boost their attributes.

4) Bonus Traits

Certain Code Greens have bonus traits that can only be activated when they meet the minimum requirements. For example, the Code Greens from the Chinese Valentine's Collection may gain breeding-advantage trait, the shovel-marked collection will experience bonus battle traits and so on.

5) Milestone Bonus Rewards

Upon attaining maximum level for a Code Green, for example from 19 to 20, a one-time special reward will be given out to the player for achieving this milestone.

How to access the Upgrade Function?

To access the upgrade function, head over to https://app.starrynift.art/play.

Click on the upgrade function at the bottom center of the screen.

Once you have entered the screen, you will see the following:

You would be able to view the current attributes of your Code Greens, as well as preview the stats gained from upgrading them to the next level.


There are two buttons nearer to the top left corner of the screen. These buttons help you to sort and arrange your Code Greens easily when using this function.

1) Players can sort their Code Greens by level, from the highest to the lowest. If the levels between multiple Code Greens are the same, they will automatically be sorted from highest rarity to lowest rarity.

2) Players can sort their Code Greens by rarity, from the highest to the lowest.


Experiences (EXP) are needed to upgrade your Code Greens. EXP can be acquired for free from daily battles in the NFT Battle Function. You can read more about it here: https://docs.starrynift.art/gamefi/nft-battle-earn-exp.

There are two ways to level up your Code Greens.

1) The "Next Level" button allows you to upgrade your Code Greens, one level at a time.

2) The "Max Level" button allows you to upgrade your Code Greens to the maximum level, based on the amount of EXP that you currently have.

Players can see the amount of EXP to be consumed to reach the next level or the maximum level. Select "OK" when the prompt appears, or "CANCEL" if you would like to go back to the selection screen.

EXP requirement for Upgrade

The EXP required to upgrade the Code Greens for each level can be found in the table below:

More Information

Should you need more information or help on this feature, remember to click the "?" button.

A window showing all the important information on this feature will pop-up.

Remember to plan carefully before investing your valuable EXP resources.

Strengthen your Code Greens and battle on!

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