2025 (Coming)

Q1-Q2 ZK Rollup Layer2

The implementation of ZK Rollup Layer2 technology is a key focus in our architectural evolution. This cutting-edge solution will significantly enhance transaction throughput while maintaining the security and decentralization of our platform. By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, ZK Rollups ensures that transaction data is compressed and batch-processed on the Ethereum network, leading to lower gas fees and faster settlement times. This advancement underscores our commitment to scalability and efficiency, ensuring our platform remains accessible and user-friendly as we grow.

Q3-Q4 DePIN Protocol

Integrating DePIN technology, StarryNift can enhance the metaverse with innovative, interactive experiences. Leveraging DePIN, a decentralized virtual infrastructure can be created for deploying assets and services using blockchain tokens as incentives, adding dynamic user engagement. Furthermore, tokenizing virtual services facilitates a decentralized marketplace within the metaverse. A community-driven economy enables collective management and governance of virtual assets, boosting community ownership and engagement. Lastly, incentivizing user participation promotes a vibrant, active virtual community.

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