๐Ÿ”† Restoring Graffiti

Receiving Graffiti Task

First, you'll have to talk to the NPC to receive the quest.

In this example, we'll show NPC Tammy. To talk to her, click on "F" to start a conversation with her when you approach her.

A dialogue will appear as shown below:

Click on the arrow to continue the conversation and you will receive the task of graffiti restoration.

Completing Task

To complete the task, you would have to search for the Graffiti hidden in the scene.

To restore the Graffiti, walk up to it and press the "F" button.

Be sure to find and restore all the Graffiti. To complete the task, be sure to head back to the NPC whom you've accepted the quest from to receive your reward!

We hope you had fun searching high and low for the Graffitis!

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