2023 (All Live)


Create more spaces with IP & brands for different functions such as gaming, social & marketing

Avatars with evolvable features and profiles are designed and citizenship is shaped for future benefits

More Layer1 & Layer2 chains are integrated (Sui, Arb, etc.) and events are co-hosted within BNB Ecosystem


Launch personal spaces and virtual storefronts where users can showcase and transact with their NFTs

Introduce a rewards program that incentivizes users to create, play, and socialize in StarryVerse

Build a decentralized identity system to enhance the impact and benefits for users in communities


Expand the marketplace by adding the XP exchange mall to complete the virtual economy

Build 3D editors and other UGC tools to enable creators to better design their stylish open worlds

Develop a cross-platform compatibility layer, allowing users to access via various devices and platforms

Better SEO and marketing campaigns to adopt more Web2 users and attract them to become Starryverse habitant through โ€œLearn to Earnโ€ activities and free personal spaces


Launch VR & AIGC scenes, allowing users to explore and interact with the metaverse in a more immersive way

Expand the engaging program by introducing staking, liquidity mining, and a comprehensive token economy, allowing users to earn rewards by contributing to community growth and ecosystem development.

Introduce creator funds and implement decentralized governance through a DAO structure, giving users a say in the platformโ€™s development and decision-making process.

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