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The main chat interface is segmented into three areas: the chat history panel occupies the top left, displaying previous interactions. The user information panel is situated in the bottom left, providing details about the user, and the chat interface itself is located on the right, facilitating the current conversation.

Welcome to our intuitive interface! Here are some essential tips to help you navigate more efficiently:

  • Chat History Panel: Easily search your chat history by entering the name of the chatbot you interacted with. This feature allows for quick retrieval of past conversations.

  • User Information Panel: This panel updates automatically to reflect your current status. Every user is allocated a maximum number of daily free messages, which varies according to their Citizenship Level. Please note, these rules may be updated in the future.

To start a conversation with the chatbots, you first need to mint a Citizenship Pass.

Should you exhaust your allotment of free chat messages, acquiring additional messages is straightforward. Simply click the "Get Extra Msgs" button to purchase more using USDT, USDC, or USDV, offering flexibility and convenience.

You can also vote for the current chatbot directly from the top right corner, similar to casting a vote from the homepage by clicking the "Vote" button on the bot's card.

  • Chat Interface: Effortlessly manage your interactions through the chat interface by utilising the "Sandwich" menu, located to the left of the input box. Here are the streamlined options available for your convenience:

  1. Remove From List: Remove the selected chatbot's history from your chat history panel.

  2. Share Chat: Allow you to share memorable chats on Twitter or by copying a unique link, enabling friends to explore the chatbot experience.

  1. Erase Memory: Erase the memory of the chatbot you're currently engaging with, making it forget previous interactions and ready for a fresh conversation.

  1. Delete Chat History: Permanently delete your current chat history with a chatbot. Please note, this action is final and your chat history cannot be recovered.

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