StarrySwap is a novel single pool liquidity protocol specializing in same-backed assets, offering low-cost zero-slippage swapping and aiming to address the shortcomings of existing protocols. Our unique design and algorithm ensure that the swap ratio of the same-backed asset is fixed at 1:1 most of the time, while also reducing gas fees by 80% compared to existing projects.

StarryNift Citizenship holders can leverage StarrySwap for Defi, SocialFi, and Gamifi purposes, enriching their citizenship DID through various interactions and benchmarks. This enhancement results in upgraded credentials, unlocking more usage and rewards in the future. We have broadened the utility and appeal of the Citizenship Card, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of user engagement in the Metaverse.

Click the Swap button at the upper right corner at the website to enter the StarrySwap page

Please click "Switch to OKX X1 Network," follow the guide to finish setting. And then you can use the platform just like any other swap platform.

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