๐Ÿฆ Customisation Options

Once your chatbot is created, you can further personalize it with a wide range of customization options, distinguishing Starry AI from similar products.

To access these options, click the "Edit" button on your bot's card.

For additional edits, the following options are available. Let's explore each one:

  1. Basic Info: This section allows you to update fundamental details about your chatbot, such as its name, description, profile image etc.

  2. Data Source: Here, you can configure the source of information your chatbot uses.

  3. Chat Logs: This area provides access to the conversations your chatbot has had, allowing you to review and analyze how it interacts with users.

  4. Embed to Site: This option enables you to generate and customize code snippets for embedding your chatbot into websites, making it accessible directly from your own or other permitted domains.

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