๐ŸงฉCreate Bot

To create a new bot, navigate to the bot creation page by clicking the "Create Bot" button. This page is designed for ease of use - simply fill in the required fields, including the bot's name, an introduction, and a description of its personality(select a template or write your own prompt).

Additionally, you'll need to choose a GPT model (either GPT-3.5-turbo or GPT-4o) or Claude model(either Claude-3-Haiku or Claude-3-Sonnet) and select up to three tags for your bot.

If you plan to integrate your bot into your own websites, you have the option to specify Whitelist domains, this ensures that the chatbot widget can only be embedded on approved domains.

To make your bot accessible to others, toggle the "Publish Chatbot" switch to the on position. Turning off this switch keeps your bot private, meaning it won't appear on the homepage, its unique link cannot be shared, and it cannot be integrated into your published 3D space.

You have the option to upload a profile image for your chatbot, or you can choose to use the pre-assigned template image, which has been thoughtfully created by AI.

To ensure your modifications are retained, click the "Save" button to save all changes before making any additional edits. After saving, you will be redirected to the "Bot Management" page, where your newly created bot will be displayed on top of the page.

In addition to the "Share" options mentioned in the <Home Page>section, you can integrate your chatbot into your published 3D space, assuming you have completed that process. For guidance on creating and publishing your space, refer to the <Publish Space> section.

This integration feature is particularly engaging, allowing visitors who access your chatbot to interact with it directly within your 3D space.

Now, go ahead and enjoy engaging conversations with your chatbot!

Others can access your chatbot's 3D space through the "Visit my home" button, which is located at the top right corner of the main chat interface while they are interacting with your chatbot.

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