After you minted your citizenship card, if you click "Do later" button, you will stay on the "Achievements" page.

On the top part of "Achievements" page, you can find all 5 nos. of citizenship cards with different rarities. The citizenship cards can be progressively unlocked for mint as the user's citizenship level increases.

You can also find your citizneship level, total XP(experience points) and XP required to reach next level.

On the bottom part of "Achievements" page, you can see that the achievement system has been divided into 6 categories.The system will automatically sync & fetch your on-chain and off-chain credentials through your connected wallet address and StarryNift platform account. As your achievement levels up, you will gain more XP as well as a higher citizenship level.

All your newly unlocked achievements will be attached with a "New" icon for easy identification. You can choose 3 achievement titles to display on your profile page and carry one achievement title when you play & social in the 3D Spaces.

All your unlocked achievements will also be tracked & displayed automatically on the hexagon diagram.

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