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Starryverse 3D spaces are immersive and interactive environments created by StarryNift to provide users with a unique and engaging experience in various scenarios. In Starryverse, users can explore different types of 3D spaces, including entertainment, games, social and more. Each space is carefully crafted with stunning visuals and offers a range of features and activities for users to enjoy and socialize with friends. That includes virtual concerts, art exhibitions, parties, festivals in collaboration with artists and brands, 3D AMAs, and engaging games like spaceship battle, treasure hunting and platform jumping games.

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Centuries ago, a devastating war erupted on Planet Xylem due to a deadly virus, resulting in the destruction of 95% of the population and leaving behind widespread devastation. While most cities have been rebuilt and peace has been established, remnants of the virus still exist in certain areas, necessitating the use of protective masks. Rumors suggest that the virus may grant special abilities, but no survivors have confirmed this.

Three distinct perspectives have emerged regarding the virus: one seeks to study it for medical advancements, another aims to harness its power for enhancing human abilities, and the third intends to eliminate it entirely. These differing viewpoints have led to growing tension beneath the surface of the peaceful cities, as a syndicate secretly experiments with the virus to seize control and bring about societal change.

This brewing conflict threatens the long-standing peace on Xylem and poses a significant challenge to the stability of the cities.

What will you do to bridge the conflict between these people? How far are you willing to go to stop the syndicateโ€™s leader? Or do you have intentions to join him?

Immerse yourself in the metaverse and explore the city to find out more!

Day/Night Mode

There is an option for you to toggle between Day/Night mode at the top right corner. Embark on this adventure in your preferred mode!



It's time to embark on a whole new adventure within Starryverse!

Go out there to explore, invite your friends to party, socialize and build new connections with strangers, and most importantly, have fun!

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