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Many centuries ago, a large-scale war broke out between different cities on Planet Xylem. This was due to the introduction of a powerful and deadly virus, causing many different perspectives to emerge, which eventually led to a huge conflict. This war caused 95% of the population on the planet to be wiped out, leaving behind massive destruction, piling dead bodies, and barren lands.
Today, most parts of the cities have been rebuilt. There was peace between the cities. However, the virus still lives on, with some areas still being polluted by the virus. People who have to traverse through these areas would have to wear a special protective mask. There were rumors that the virus contains a tremendous and incredible power that is able to grant some special abilities, such as super strength, super speed and even longevity, to those who are able to consume its power without perishing. However, these were just rumors. No survivors had lived to tell this tale. Or maybe, the survivors had yet to reveal themselves.
As the virus lives on, the people of the different cities started developing a different mindset towards the virus. Three different trains of thoughts and their perspectives emerged.
Knowing that the virus can possibly contribute to the healthcare of the people, the first train of thought aims to experiment on the virus to understand its properties and find a way to develop a miraculous cure for all illnesses on Xylem.
However, the tremendous power contained within the virus also opens it up to the second train of thought, which is to genetically modify the virus and experiment on real people to develop a virus that can grant superhuman abilities, such as super intelligence, strength and speed.
Knowing the immense power that the virus contains, the third train of thought aims to completely eradicate the virus on Xylem by developing a special anti-virus gadget that can absorb the virus and transform it into a harmless substance.
Due to the different train of thoughts perspectives, a conflict has been gradually brewing under the surface of the peaceful and calm cities. The people had experienced peace for centuries and have taken them for granted.
A syndicate, which has been gradually growing and expanding their influence and train of thoughts installing mindsets in the darkest alleys of the cities and the most remote areas on the planet, is uprising. Their ambitious leader has been secretly experimenting on the virus, looking to strengthen his position in the underworld to eventually overthrow and take over the cities. Perhaps, he strongly believes that the poor should have a chance to enjoy the lives that the rich have been living, for these past years. To him, that is justice.
What will you do to bridge the conflict between these people? How far are you willing to go to stop the syndicate’s leader? Or do you have intentions to join him?
Immerse yourself in the metaverse and explore the city to find out more!

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