๐Ÿ“ฒ Marketing Procedures

Materials Required

  • Brief Introduction (in English)

  • All social media links

  • Logo and media kit

  • The worldview of the scene, source of inspiration for each building/scenario and the storyline (optional support from us)

  • The overall rendering of the scene (single building rendering recommended)

  • Promotional image/poster on Twitter

  • Soul-bound token (SBT) design (optional support from us)

  • Design of special exclusive rewards (joint design/creation of NFT)

โš ๏ธ After reviewing the selection of activities below, you can reach out to us if you require additional support, such as in the joint creation of NFTs, conducting AMA activities, etc. This will help us to plan and confirm the overall schedule.

A. Planning of Activities and Interactions within Scene

Type: Joint Collaboration

Timeline: Initial Stage

While the scenes are being developed, you should have an idea of possible activities to be carried out. Advanced planning is required as the interaction in the scene will involve the launch of the SBT reward quest(s) in the future. We can jointly work out a plan and process for the activities to be held in the scene.

We currently support the following activities -

  • Restoring Graffiti

  • Quiz

  • Treasure Hunt

If you are looking to explore the possibility of other activities to be held, kindly communicate with our technical team in a timely manner so that we can meet the product delivery timeline.

B. Preliminary Partnership Announcement

Type: Joint Announcement

Timeline: 3 weeks in advance

C. Sneak Peek Article Announcement Notice

Type: Joint

Timeline: 2 weeks before scheduled launch

This needs to be announced after the overall demo comes out, and at least one panoramic rendering is required. The article needs to explain your source of inspiration and design concept, and provide a sneak peek to arouse everyone's interest.

โš ๏ธ Final draft of the worldview article: The entire worldview and the conceptual background concepts of each structure/scene needs to be introduced in detail during this time period. We will first draw attention of our users with a general story narrative, and finally introduce the story behind each structure/scene in the article.

Subsequently, we will be using this blog article to publicize and promote on Twitter and across other social media platforms.

Reference: https://medium.starrynift.art/sneak-peak-of-archon-mua-square-by-starrynift-x-mua-dao-cb3b92643c

D. Exclusive NFT Creation

Type: Joint Creation (Optional)

Timeline: 2 weeks before scheduled launch

It is recommended to develop a limited edition NFT with design and elements unique to you. This will be issued out as rewards to increase publicity. Lucky draws and other events can be held on social medias and/or through AMAs to help your project in its marketing growth and outreach.

Previously, we partnered up with MUADAO to jointly develop a 3D wearable suit.

E. Scene/Building Announcements on Twitter

Type: Joint Announcement

Timeline: 1 week before scheduled launch

If you have developed multiple scenes/buildings, silhouettes or illustrations of the scenes/buildings can be published on twitter on consecutive days (preferably with different style/variations from the actual scene, so that players feel refreshed when they enter the officially launched scene)

We can provide recommendations and support for the content to be published.

Reference: https://twitter.com/StarryNift/status/1547145149167587328?s=20

F. Setting up of SBT quests on the reward platform

Type: You may entrust us with the design

Timeline: 1 week before scheduled launch

You may submit a request for us to design the SBT badge for you and subsequently provide opinions and feedback regarding the design. This design will be finalized one week before the launch.

Setting up the quest generally includes the following requirements:

  • Following the social media of both parties

  • Retweeting an online announcement tweet

  • Visiting the scene and/or completing an interaction within the scene (refer to the activity plan in point 2 above)

  • Encouraging users to publish user-generated content (UGC) Tweet

Rewards for SBT platform activities may be distributed based on a first-come-first-served basis or upon completion of tasks within a specific timeframe, after which the team selects and announces the list of winners. This is flexible and can be arranged to suit your needs.

The duration of the quest is typically ~10 days.

G. Jointly held AMA

Type: Joint AMA

Timeline: Confirmed schedule 1 week in advanced. Held 2-3 days before launch.

The AMA may be conducted in either of our community (flexible and open to discussion).

Conducting this AMA will allow us to reward users who contribute by asking questions. The reward can be a jointly created NFT or customized SBT whitelist jointly developed by you and StarryNift.

H. Worldview Reveal Article and Launch Day Tweet

Type: Joint Tweet

Timeline: Launch Day

SBT reward activities would help to boost the traffic and engagement for the launch day tweets. Also, we can jointly retweet and spread high quality User-Generated Content (UGC).

A detailed description of the entire worldview would also be published on a blog (flexible). For example, if you would like everyone to guess the specific inspiration of individual buildings/scenes, then this worldview can be post-published to retain the suspense. If it is a normal display of your design idea, it can be released on the same day.

Reference: https://medium.starrynift.art/archon-mua-square-worldview-reveal-218de8cb1d43

I. Post-launch Promotion on Twitter

Type: Joint Retweet and Promotion on Twitter

Timeline: 3 days after launch

We should continue to forward interactive high-quality UGC and official screenshots of the scene, and post Tweet to keep the post trending.

J. Collating the SBT Winners List

Type: We will provide the addresses of users who participated in activities

Timeline: After the activity has ended

The main SBT tasks should require users to come to our jointly created scene to interact. We will then be able to retrieve and provide the addresses of users who participated in these activities. After sorting and screening, we will provide the addresses of the winners for you to submit to the SBT reward platform for the final prize distribution.

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