Equipment Guide 101

This a guide to educate players on the different type of equipment available and their strength in comparison.


There are currently four rarities of equipment, ranked by their color code:

1) White color (N) equipment are of the lowest grade and hence, they have the lowest attributes.

2) Blue color (R) equipment are of the second lowest grade and hence, they have the second lowest attributes.

3) Purple color (SR) equipment are currently among the rarest and second highest grade, hence, they have the second highest attributes.

4) Golden equipment are the rarest among all and is currently the highest grade equipment and have the most attributes.


In addition to rarity, the type of equipment will also determine the attributes of the equipment:

1) Equipment obtained from Land Occupation has the lowest attributes for each rarity.

2) Equipment obtained from Blind Boxes has better attributes than that obtained from Land Occupation for each rarity.

3) Equipment obtained from Binance IGO has the best attributes for each rarity. BinanceNFT equipment comes in a 6-piece set, and players can break the set of equipment and equip another single equipment onto any of the slots.

For more information, please refer to the table below:

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