General Questions

1. How do I participate in Starryverse?

2. Where can I get an NFT?

You can now purchase your NFTs from our very own marketplace:​
Checkout here for more info:

3. What wallet does StarryNift support?

StarryNift currently supports the following wallet: Metamask,Coinbase and OKX Wallet.

4. I just purchased an NFT. Where is it?

At the top right hand corner, look for your avatar and click on it.
Click on the avatar
You will be able to access your wallet and view your NFTs.
If you still cannot find your NFTs, please do not panic.
1) Please check if are using the right network, either ETH or BSC.
2) if you haven't removed your NFT from mining, it will not show up in your wallet. Please un-stake your NFT from mining if you have not done so as the distribution rewards from mining has ended.
3) If it is an issue from missing blind box, please contact the admin in telegram or discord for help.

5. Is the quantity of NFTs limited?

The quantity of NFTs being issued in each collection is limited. Once the blind box sales is over for a particular collection, the NFTs from this collection will never be issued again.

6. How can I check the rarity of my NFT ?

We mark the probability of the NFT at the upper right corner of the card on website. Usually blind boxes that are pricier and low probability NFT drops from these boxes tends to have a higher rarity.

7. How can I participate in StarryNift's features?

At the moment, you need Code Greens to participate in our games. Your Code Greens will be able to participate in a few different functions.
1) They will be able to occupy lands to receive rewards.
2) They will be able to participate in NFT Battles to earn juicy experience (EXP) rewards, which can be used to raise your Code Greens to higher levels and increase their attributes. This will help you gain an advantage over your opponents.
3) As you upgrade your Code Greens, when they reach level 20 and above, they will be able to participate in our breeding system.
4) They will be able to participate in our seasonal tournaments, which will be open from time to time.

8. I am a Chinese user. How can I be involved?

Please scan the QRcode for WeChat community or join

9. When will the team issue tokens?

We will only issue our tokens when we believe our community is strong and large enough. We are currently working very hard.

10. Is the team hiring?

Yes, absolutely. The team is currently looking to expand aggressively in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore. If you are from these countries, please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or Discord!

101. Where is the Whitepaper?

Our latest version of the whitepaper will be available soon. Please stay tuned!

12. How can I access the Roadmap?

13. Why do I encounter the message “Token Expired”?

We give every user a limited time ID verification token to ensure that the user is the real wallet address owner. If the user hasn’t access our website for a long period of time, the user will receive this notification. Just refresh and reconnect your wallet to resolve this issue.