General Rules

  • Code Greens are required to carry out these expeditions.

  • The UR rarity will have a greater advantage than SP rarity.

  • The Destroyer has four cabins (Bridge, Laser, Energy and Chase Gun Cabin).

  • At the beginning, there will only be one open slot in each cabin for Code Greens to be deployed.

  • Each deployed Code Green will bring an overall attribute boost to the spaceship.

  • The Destroyer will need to pass through the L Stargate for each space mining expedition and each entry will cost 10U or one Destroyer ticket.

  • The Destroyer has exploration and mining value. The greater the attributes, the greater the mining advantages.

  • The Destroyer has attack, defense and health points (HP). The greater the attributes, the greater the combat advantages.

  • The Destroyer can select different target planets for space mining expeditions.

  • Every world has 3 planets with varying levels of difficulty. Higher difficulty levels grant higher chances of gaining an abundance of rewards.

  • Each difficulty level requires different expedition duration:

>Lv1: 18 hrs

>>Lv2: 24 hrs

>>>Lv3: 36 hrs

  • There will be 5 chances to refresh target planets for selection per day or per mining expedition.

  • There will be battle mini games during the expedition and the results of these mini games will affect the mining rewards.

๐Ÿ† Reward

  • Gen II Code Green NFT

  • Equipment NFT

  • Destroyer ticket (10U)

  • EXP

  • Trophy

  • Breeding Barn fragment

  • Spaceship Wishlist Points*

*Spaceship Wishlist Points (Coming soon!)

When we launch the future 3D Space NFT sale, the wishlist points can be used to redeem future 3D Space NFT whitelist, Breeding Barn, etc. ~ Please stay tuned

  • Can be used to draw for rewards or exchange for whitelist.

  • Each time you draw, you will receive lucky points. Once the lucky points meter has been filled to the bream, you can redeem a valuable prize.


To participate, you can manually click on the โ€œ+โ€ to select a Code Green.

Now you can deploy the strongest Code Greens you have to participate. Higher rarity Code Green grants higher โ€œExplorationโ€ and โ€œMiningโ€ attributes, giving you an advantage.

Alternatively, you can select โ€œAuto Deploymentโ€ for convenience. The system will automatically select the best Code Green that you have to be deployed.

Once youโ€™re ready, select โ€œHead to the Stargateโ€.

There will be 3 planets for you to select in each world. Each planet has different levels of difficulty. Higher difficulty level grants better rewards, but with a lower probability for success. Success rate is also determined by the โ€œexplorationโ€ and โ€œminingโ€ attributes of the spaceship.

Once you have selected a planet, click on โ€œStart Exploringโ€. This game mode will cost 10 BUSD to participate in.

A window will pop-up, prompting you to participate in our Mining mini game. Once you have selected โ€œOKโ€, you can proceed to participate in the mini game.

Destroyer Battle Rules

  • This combat mode is turn-based.

  • The battle adopts the standard modes of attack, defense and HP. The battle ends when one party has 0 HP.

  • The Destroyer has 4 skills โ€“ Kinetic Cannon, Force Shield, Kinetic Energy Barrier, Rail Gun Cannon

  • Some skills have a cooldown before they can be used again, indicated by the number on the card.

  • You will get to utilize a strategy card per turn during the battle (choose 1 out of 5 cards โ€“ either Normal Attack, Kinetic Cannon, Force Shield, Kinetic Energy Barrier, Rail Gun Cannon)

  • Earn more points by dealing more damage and defeating the enemy.

There are counter strategies in various scenarios:

1) Manoeuvre tactic restrains Attack tactic, Attack tactic restrains Ranger tactic, Ranger tactic restrains Manoeuvre tactic.

2) When the tactic used successfully counters the opponents, the attack power is increased by 50%.

Battle Damage Calculation

  • When the opponent has a shield skill, the shield will reduce damage first.

  • When strategy counters the opponent:

(Attack Damage * 150% - Shield) - Defense = Damage Dealt

  • When strategy does not counter the opponent:

(Attack Damage - Shield) - Defense = Damage

  • When the damage value is greater than 10:

HP reduced is based on damage dealt.

  • When the damage value is less then/ equal to 10:

HP reduced will be 10.

Once you have completed the game, you will return to the Spaceship page.

After the Spaceship has returned, select on โ€œHarvestโ€ to receive your rewards.

You will be prompted to start a new expedition immediately, which can help save on gas fees. Alternatively, you can cancel. You will still receive rewards in both circumstances.

If the โ€œRepeat Expeditionโ€ option is selected, you will utilize the current Code Green set-up that you have deployed in the Bridge, Energy, Laser and Chase Gun Cabin.

You will receive your rewards.

If you selected the โ€œRepeat Expeditionโ€ option, remember to select โ€œGame Timeโ€ to participate in the mini-game for a chance to receive better rewards with higher points attained.

Strategize, battle on and have fun!

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