Starry AI incentivises users for actively engaging with AI features through a variety of reward-based tasks. Users can participate in the following activities to earn rewards:

  1. Chat to Earn: Engage in conversations with chatbots to accumulate points.

  2. Vote to Earn: Cast votes for favorite chatbots to gain rewards.

  3. Invite to Earn: Earn by inviting new users to join Starry AI.

  4. Create to Earn: Get rewards for creating and publishing new chatbots.

  5. Share to Earn: Share chatbots or chat history to earn reward.

And more, encouraging a wide range of interactions within the platform.

To access the rewards page, click on the "Reward" tab. From the top to the bottom of this page, you will find:

  1. User Stats: This section displays your personal statistics, including your participation level and achievements within the platform.

  2. Task & Reward Panel: Here, you can view available tasks and the rewards. This panel provides a clear overview of how you can earn rewards by engaging with different features.

  3. Leaderboard: This area showcases the rankings of users based on their engagement and accomplishments. It's a great way to see where you stand among the community and who the top contributors are.

For each task, make sure to read the task description thoroughly to understand the rules, which are designed to be intuitive. Additionally, you can hover over or click the information bubble for further explanation on any task. This will help ensure you're fully informed about how to complete tasks correctly and maximise your rewards.

After completing a task, the "Claim" button will become active, allowing you to claim your reward. Your experience points (XP) for each task accumulate automatically, enabling you to claim all earned rewards at once for convenience.

You can view all your completed rewards through the "History" panel, which is located in the top right corner. This feature allows you to track your achievements and rewards collected over time.

In the leaderboard section, you have the flexibility to sort rankings based on two different criteria:

  1. User Chat Totals: This displays rankings according to the total number of chats an individual user has completed. It highlights the most active users on the platform.

  2. Bot Chat Totals: This shows the rankings based on the total number of chats received by the chatbots created by the user. It showcases users whose chatbots are the most engaged with by the community.

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