General Rules

  • Code Greens are required to carry out these expeditions.

  • The UR rarity will have a greater advantage than SP rarity.

  • The Frigate has two cabins (Bridge & Missile cabin).

  • At the beginning, there will only be one open slot in each cabin for Code Greens to be deployed.

  • Each deployed Code Green will bring an overall attribute boost to the spaceship.

  • The Frigate will need to pass through the L Stargate for each space mining expedition and each entry will cost 5U or one Frigate ticket.

  • The Frigate has exploration and mining value. The greater the attributes, the greater the mining advantages.

  • The Frigate has attack, defense and health points (HP). The greater the attributes, the greater the combat advantages.

  • The Frigate can select different target planets for space mining expeditions.

  • Every world has 3 planets with varying levels of difficulty. Higher difficulty levels grant higher chances of gaining an abundance of rewards.

  • Each difficulty level requires different expedition duration:

>Lv1: 18 hrs

>>Lv2: 24 hrs

>>>Lv3: 36 hrs

  • There will be 5 chances to refresh target planets for selection per day or per mining expedition.

  • There will be battle mini games during the expedition and the results of these mini games will affect the mining rewards.

๐Ÿ† Rewards

  • Gen II Code Green NFT

  • Equipment NFT

  • Destroyer ticket (10U)

  • EXP

  • Trophy

  • Spaceship Wishlist Points*

*Spaceship Wishlist Points (Coming soon!)

When we launch the future 3D Space NFT sale, the wishlist points can be used to redeem future 3D Space NFT whitelist, Breeding Barn, etc. ~ Please stay tuned

  • Can be used to draw for rewards or exchange for whitelist.

  • Each time you draw, you will receive lucky points. Once the lucky points meter has been filled to the bream, you can redeem a valuable prize.


To participate, you can manually click on the โ€œ+โ€ to select a Code Green.

Now you can deploy the strongest Code Green you have to participate. Higher rarity Code Green grants higher โ€œExplorationโ€ and โ€œMiningโ€ attributes, giving you an advantage.

Alternatively, you can select โ€œAuto Deploymentโ€ for convenience. The system will automatically select the best Code Greens that you have to be deployed.

Once youโ€™re ready, select โ€œHead to the Stargateโ€.

There will be 3 planets for you to select in each world. Each planet has different levels of difficulty. Higher difficulty level grants better rewards, but with a lower probability for success. Success rate is also determined by the โ€œexplorationโ€ and โ€œminingโ€ attributes of the spaceship.

Once you have selected a planet, click on โ€œStart Exploringโ€. This game mode will cost 5 BUSD to participate in.

A window will pop-up, prompting you to participate in our Mining mini game. Once you have selected โ€œOKโ€, you can proceed to participate in the mini game.

Frigate Battle Rules

  • This combat mode is turn-based.

  • The battle adopts the standard modes of attack, defense and HP. The battle ends when one party has 0 HP.

  • The Frigate has 2 skills โ€“ Force Shield and Rail Gun Cannon

  • You will get to utilize a strategy card per turn during the battle (choose 1 out of 3 cards โ€“ either Normal Attack, Force Shield or Rail-gun cannon)

  • Some skills have a cooldown before they can be used again, indicated by the number on the card.

  • Earn more points by dealing more damage and defeating the enemy.

There are counter strategies in various scenarios:

  • Manoeuvre tactic restrains Attack tactic, Attack tactic restrains Ranger tactic, Ranger tactic restrains Manoeuvre tactic.

  • When the tactic used successfully counters the opponents, the attack power is increased by 50%.

Battle Damage Calculation

  • When the opponent has a shield skill, the shield will reduce damage first.

  • When strategy counters the opponent:

(Attack Damage * 150% - Shield) - Defense = Damage Dealt

  • When strategy does not counter the opponent:

(Attack Damage - Shield) - Defense = Damage

  • When the damage value is greater than 10:

HP reduced is based on damage dealt.

  • When the damage value is less then/equal to 10:

HP reduced will be 10.

Once you have completed the game, you will return to the Spaceship page.

After the Spaceship has returned, select on โ€œHarvestโ€ to receive your rewards.

You will be prompted to start a new expedition immediately, which can help save on gas fees. Alternatively, you can cancel. You will still receive rewards in both circumstances.

If the โ€œRepeat Expeditionโ€ option is selected, you will utilize the current Code Green set-up that you have deployed in the Bridge and Laser cabin.

You will receive your rewards.

If you selected the โ€œRepeat Expeditionโ€ option, remember to select โ€œGame Timeโ€ to participate in the mini-game for a chance to receive better rewards with higher points attained.

Strategize, battle on and have fun!

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