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🏪 Marketplace

Our marketplace is finally here! You can trade Code Greens in v1.0 of our marketplace. In future versions, you will be able to buy/sell your equipment as well!
To access our marketplace, navigate to

Applying Filters

You will be able to see the recently listed NFTs labeld with level on the front page. At any point in time, you can apply multiple filters to further narrow your search results.
On the left panel, there is a list of filters for you to conduct a quick search on the marketplace. You can choose to filter by rarity as seen below.
You can also filter by payment options.
Or by the Code Greens you own.
You can also sort by the prices of the Code Greens shown on the marketplace, or by the time for which the listing has been created.

Buy NFTs

At the moment, you can only buy Code Greens from our marketplace. In future versions, you will be able to buy equipment from our marketplace as well.
Firstly, apply a set of filters to conduct a search on a NFT you would like to purchase. You can see the level of each NFT at the right lower corner.
Once you have identified an NFT, you can click on it to find out more information about this NFT, including its attributes as well as the trade history.
To purchase NFT for the first time with BUSD, you have to click on the BUSD Approve button.
⚠️ For purchase with BNB, you don't need to approve, you can directly purchase.
Go ahead and approve the transaction in your wallet and pay the required gas fees. Once the transaction has been approve, you will be able to see the "BUY" button.
Click on buy to purchase the NFTs. You would have to pay the required gas fees as well.
Once successful, a window will pop-up. Click on view it to access your inventory.
The Code Green should appear in your inventory as shown below.

Sell NFTs

To encourage transactions on our platform, there will be no transaction tax for selling NFTs at the moment. There are currently two ways you can go about selling NFTs.

Method 1

To access your inventory, click on the top right hand corner.
Scroll down and select an NFT you would like to list on the marketplace.


Once selected, you will jump to the sell screen as shown below. Select the "SELL" button to sell your NFT.
⚠️ If you have not transacted on our marketplace before, you would have to first approve the transaction and pay some gas fees.
Next, a pop-up window will appear. You can decide to sell your NFT either in BNB or BUSD. You can subsequently indicate the price you would like to list the NFT for.
⚠️ Please double check that you have keyed in the correct value (for e.g. if you have selected BNB, please double check that the value is correctly indicated in BNB and not in BUSD)
Once you have keyed in the payment type and price, proceed to select the "SELL" button.
Proceed on to approve the gas fees for the transaction to be completed. Once completed, a pop-up tab should appear showing that the transaction was successful.

Method 2

You can also access your NFTs and view them through the marketplace directly.
On the marketplace page, tick on the checkbox for "Code Green" under "My Inventory".
You can view both your listed and unlisted Code Greens through this filter.
To look for Code Greens to list, select the "Not Listed" option and select the Code Green you would like to list. For the remaining steps on listing, you can follow the STEPS above.

Delist NFTs

If you want to delist any NFTs from the marketplace, you can first head over to the marketplace, tick on "Code Green" option, and tick on the "Listing" option to view your currently listed NFTs.
Next, select the NFT you would like to delist.
Select the "DELIST" option as shown below.
A confirmation window will pop-up. Once you have confirmed that you would like to delist the NFT, select the "DELIST" button.
Once you have approved the transaction and pay the gas fees, a window would appear suggesting that you have successfully delisted the NFT from the marketplace.

Third-party Marketplaces

The following are places you can buy/sell your NFTs as well.
⚠️ We do not recommend transacting on third-party marketplaces as you would not be able to view the level and other attributes of the listed Code Green.