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EDM 3D Metaverse Concert

Refer <Holy Omikuji Temple> section for the steps to access to Citizenship Exclusive Spaces and click "EDM 3D Metaverse Concert" scene.
Once you enter, you'll see a giant stage with a set of screens and live video. You can adjust your view with your mouse.
Behind you, you'll see floating AI ANIMO shards. To collect them, simply use your keyboard: move forward (W key), move backward (S key), move left (A key), or move right (D key). You can also jump (Spacebar)!
But wait, there's more! We've prepared the best party for you. You wanna dance? Simply click the "Reactions" icon at the bottom, choose your favorite dance move, and let's go!
See you at the EDM 3D Metaverse Concert!