Add StarryNift NFT into Wallet

Hello everyone, if you currently hold StarryNift NFT, you need to get the StarryNift NFT contract address and the Token ID of your NFT, by using this two information you can add the NFT into the Walle
Step 1:Check
2、Copy and paste your BSC wallet address into the search bar, click the Token pull-down menu, you will find the assets under this address. Find your StarryNift NFT and click it.
3、Now you can see the StarryNift NFT contract address,click Inventory to check Token ID
4、StarryNift NFT contract address:0xd9de8f63ea0f18264fa5c17a8f17e8ea06367649
Step 2:Add StarryNift NFT Assets
1、Open MetaMask,enter the NFT page
2、Click Import manually,put the StarryNift contract address and Token ID into the window as below. Click Add
3、Add Successfully! (️ If you do not own this StarryNift NFT, only adding the info will not succeed, please make sure you use the right Token ID)