Battle Mechanics

Battle Mechanics 101
These are the current battle mechanics used in the NFT Battle and Tournament.

⚠️ Speed Attribute

⚠️Please take note that we have made some changes to the how the speed function works!
1) The speed of a Code Green determines the probability of a Code Green performing an action first.
2) A Code Green with higher speed has a higher chance to perform an action first.
3) A Code Green with lower speed has a lower chance to perform an action first. However, if you are lucky, a Code Green with low speed may still act first.
Team 1 - Code Green A (500 speed) & B (700 speed)
Team 2 - Code Green C (300 speed) & D (900 speed)
Code Green D has the highest chance to perform an action first. But there is still a low probability that Code Green C performs an action first.

⚠️ Rework of Battle Mechanics