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🛸 Spaceship Exhibition Centre

Come and join us in this magnificent exhibition center!
A whole new collaborative space has been launched in Starryverse!
We envision this space to be like a museum, where players can discover and learn more about our project and the Web3 space.
This space will also be frequently updated as we collaborate with other projects to display cool and interesting exhibits for users to explore and learn more about various projects!

Directions Guide

To access the exhibition center, you may follow this link:
Welcome to the Spaceship Exhibition Centre!
You may explore some past exhibitions under "Communities" section. Have fun!

Quest Guide (ENDED)

Upon launch, we will be having a mini quest for all players to participate in!
Search for the following Avatar that is hidden across the different exhibits within the centre:
Count the number of times this Avatar has appeared in the various exhibits.
To submit your answer you would have to look for the following NPC:
Press the "F" button to interact with the NPC.
You will then be able to submit your answer in the pop-up window!