🗿 Archon MUA Square

Brought to you exclusively through a collaboration between MUA DAO X StarryNift.
We hope you are excited to explore a whole new scene, with interesting sculptures and structures inspired by famous architecture all over the world!


As the influence of the Archon Syndicate continues to expand, several new buildings, sculptures and monuments have been erected from the ground up. Archon MUA Square is where the Archon Syndicate resides. This is an organization dedicated to creativity, filled with a large number of science and art fanatics.
The Syndicate's influence has grown over the years, with members drawn from various locations on planet Xylem. These members, some of whom are undercover, conduct covert operations to obtain the special ingredients needed for the special concoction, and to recruit new members to the group.
Armed with the ambitious goal of ruling planet Xylem, they began experimenting with the virus to develop a potent concoction that could provide immense psychic power to those who consumes it. This will allow the group to build an unstoppable army that will help them take control of planet Xylem.
Archon will be joined by those seeking to experience great spiritual and creative powers. They must go through a series of tests and ceremonies to become full fledged members. Unfortunately, those who oppose them and their mission will surely face their wrath.


Accessing Archon MUA Square

To access Archon MUA Square, please use the link:​

Accepting Task (ENDED)

Look for the NPC The Perfect Man in Archon MUA Square.
Speak to the NPC to receive your task!

Tracking Task

Once you have accepted the task, click on the bottom right icon.
Select Tasks to view the progress of your current tasks.

Completing Task

To complete the task, you would have to search for the Graffiti hidden all over the Archon MUA Square.
To restore the Graffiti, walk up to it and press the "F" button.
Be sure to find and restore all the Graffiti and head back to the NPC The Perfect Man to complete the task and receive your reward!
We hope you enjoy exploring these new scenes.