How to buy your first NFT?

You can currently access our marketplace here:
You can access our marketplace user guides here:

Third-Party Marketplaces

⚠️ We do not recommend transacting on third-party marketplaces as you would not be able to view the level and other attributes of the listed Code Green.
At the moment, you can purchase NFT from third party websites:
In the future, players will be able to purchase NFTs directly from our marketplace: Please stay tuned.
Starrynift currently supports the following wallet: Metamask, imtoken, Token Pocket and Math Wallet.

Blind Box Purchase (Ended)


Click Details for more information about this blind box collection
Inside the Details page, you can check the distribution of each NFT inside the blind box
Click the Description button to know the artist, background, and future gamification of the NFT collection.

Sign Up

Connect Wallet before you make a purchase
Log in to your Metamask account
After you connect to Metamask, you will directly sign up with your wallet address, and you can start to make a purchase.
⚠️ Please make sure you have deposited enough USDT (at least 20 USDT) and ETH (as gas fee) in your Metamask wallet before you make a purchase.
⚠️And since StarryNift is still in Close-Alpha stage, more functions are under developing. Currently, please purchase our blind box ONLY by Computer/PC. To avoid potential gas fee loss, please do not use mobile to make APP purchase. We will activate the mobile APP purchase in the near future. For Metamask use guide, please refer to:

Make a purchase

Click Buy button
Continue to click Buy button
Then your Metamask will automatically open, and click Confirm button
Then you need to wait for the blockchain confirm
When the transaction is confirmed, you can open your blind box
Here you can see what NFT you just randomly got !
Click View it button then you can find it in your wallet