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Starryverse Gallery

FAQs on our AWESOME 3D Gallery
Starryverse gallery is a 3D gallery that showcase some of the popular works voted by our community, past events and accomplishments, current features in StarryNift, partnerships, collaborations and more!
We currently have a huge design collaboration with Steve Aoki, a well-known music producer and trending artist ranked in the top 10 of the world’s top 100 DJs, with over 8.2 million followers on Twitter.
You can access the gallery here:
As of 9 March 22, our gallery is FREE to access.
Yes, you do! You can purchase a ticket here:
There are currently two ticketing purchasing options on the website:
a) Purchase a ticket for 1 BUSD or 0.0022 BNB.
b) Purchase a ticket with 40 Gene Batteries.
Navigate up close to any artwork being displayed in the gallery. Look for a pop-up button that appears. Click on it to view more information about a particular artwork.
At the bottom right corner, look for the “…” chat function. Leave a comment and you may be able to see your comments appear on the message board inside Starryverse!
Please always stay tune to our social media for the latest events.
Leave a comment using the chat function in the gallery and be one of the 15 lucky winners to be airdropped an NFT till the current event ends on 31 January 2022!