Ended - S1 Tournament

Finally, the battle tournament that everyone has been waiting for is here!! Are you excited!?
To highlight the launch of our recent NFT battle function, StarryNift has decided to activate the StarryNift Season 1 Battle Tournament with 20,000 BUSD prize pool!


The competition for land occupation between the Code Green tribes has become fierce. Various tribes have deployed weapons from the StarryNift Technology Center to enhance their combat power. The battle is about to start!!!
Each Code Green Warrior can weaponize itself with a total of 6 equipment:
1) Weapon 2) Armor 3) Boots 4) Gloves 5) Helmet 6) Magic
These can enhance different attributes of Code Green to help you gain an edge in battle and win amazing rewards.
To celebrate the launch of the NFT battle function, we will initiate the StarryNift Battle Tournament for 7 DAYS!


25th December 21, 8am UTC — 1st January, 8am UTC

Tournament Rule

1. The Season 1 Tournament is only open for 7 days.
2. Players will get special Tournament Point(s), which determines their ranking and the rewards being distributed to them if they win. ⚠️ Season 1 Tournament Point(s) will be forfeited before the start of Season 2 Tournament to maintain fairness among players. 3. ⚠️ Here comes the new change to the Daily-Sign-In Feature
⚠️ Normal Daily Sign-In and Meta Machine Raffle will be closed temporarily during the Tournament, as they will become a part of the Tournament function.
Each wallet address can get 100 Tournament Battery everyday by signing-in daily. Each battle costs 10 Tournament Battery and each Code Green can battle up to 8 times per day.
4. The winner of each battle will get 16 Tournament Points, and the defeated one will get only 1 Tournament Point. Points are multiplied according to the number of Code Green(s) in the battle. For example: Player A: Sends out 2 Code Greens Player B: Sends out 1 Code Green If Player A defeats Player B, Player A will get 2*16 = 32 Tournament Points Player B will get 1*1 = 1 Tournament Point
5. If the player has won 5, 10 or 15 games in a row, the player can get extra Tournament Points from 5, 10 and up to 15.

Tournament Reward & Raffle Info

Rewards for this Season 1 Tournament are BUSD and special raffle.
The overall prize pool is: 20,000 BUSD
In this tournament, the top 50 winners(ranked by Tournament Points) will receive BUSD reward.
All the tournament participants can utilize the Tournament Points to join the Tournament Raffle at Meta Machine. One raffle cost 300 Tournament Points.
The raffle prize pool includes Code Green NFT, Equipment NFT, Trophy and other rewards.
The Starry Battle Tournament will be on, get ready to weaponize and battle it out with other Code Greens and gain ultimate victory and glory!!!