Inactive - 📆 Sign-in Board

This is the new chance for new comers to win Code Green NFTs, thus new people can join the game to enjoy the Play-to-Earn fun
This is also the great chance for Code Green holders to gain extra rewards!
Rules
1、Sign in start from the first day of each month, there will be 28 days sign in
2、You will get Gene Battery according to the reward map. The amount is fixed as the map shows. And you can accumulate the Gene Battery to join the Meta Machine Raffle
3、If you successfully sign in for consecutive 28 days, you will get 180 Gene Battery every month in total
4、 If you sign in consecutively, you can earn more Gene Battery. For example, if you sign in consecutive 5 days, and you didn’t sign in Day 6, then when you sign in again at Day 7, you will gain the Day 6 Gene Battery amount instead of the Day 7 amount
⚠️ You NEED to own AT LEAST ONE NFT (no matter Code Green character NFT or Equipment NFT from BinanceNFT) to claim your reward!
Raffle Rules
1、Each raffle cost 10 Gene Battery
2、Raffle Time:10:00AM — 14:00PM every Sunday UTC
Reward Details
1. N Equipment
2. R Equipment
3. SR Equipment
4. R Code Green NFT (Not Original Era NFT)
5. SR Code Green NFT (Not Original Era NFT)
6. SSR Code Green NFT (Not Original Era NFT)
7. Gene Battery
In the future, StarryNift will open more functions such as NFT battle, breeding, upgrading and so on. More creative gamefi scenarios are waiting for you