Inactive-🗺️ Land Occupation

Code Greens have started to weaponize themselves as Starry warriors, roaming the metaverse, exploring various planets, seeking to occupy lands and cause chaos.
Look for the "Land" function on our website to access the Land Occupation here:


The Land Occupation function is a limited-time function that we have intentions to replace or improve on in the future.
At the moment, we have released 500 Lands ranked with 5 grades (1🌟~5🌟). Land with higher grades will produce better treasure rewards. With more players joining in, more lands will be gradually released in the future. In the 🛸Starry map, players can check the land’s code, 🌟 grades, and 🌐 protection period. Lands cannot be occupied by others under protection period.
Land Occupation Map


The different land colors indicate different land condition:
1. Dark Green Land: vacant land that can be occupied by any Code Green
2. Light Green Land: the land is occupied by another user but is out of protection period, which means the new comer can initiate battle. If the new comer has higher weight Code Green army than the owner, then the new comer can occupy the land.
3. Blue Land: the land is occupied by a user and is still in protection period, others cannot occupy this land.
4. Orange Land with Blue Spot: this is the land occupied by you and is under protection period, others cannot occupy now
5. Orange Land with Yellow Star: this is the land occupied by you and is out of protection period. This land can be occupied by the others. Please don’t forget to harvest your rewards. If the land is occupied by the others, your rewards will directly go to My Items.

Basic Rules

1) Every time a player successfully occupies a land, the land will be protected from occupation for a period of time, anywhere between 8-12 hours.
2) After the protection period be over, there will be no more rewards for extra-time occupation. Players should continue to occupy different lands.
3) When the occupation has expired and the land is occupied by another player, the precious rewards will automatically deliver to the previous land occupant's wallet.
Click the upper left avatar to checkout your Code Green, their attributes and your items.
You will be able to see your Code Greens here:

Free Land for Occupation

Dark Green Land --> Free and vacant land that can be occupied by any Code Green
If players are lucky, they might be able to spot free lands that can easily be occupied with any Code Green. Be sure to check in for free lands as they are free rewards that can be earned by the players as long as they possess a single Code Green.
When the Land is free and there are no occupants, players can just occupy the land with any Code Green.
Drag your Code Greens to occupy the land.
Once land occupation is successful, a window will pop-up.

Land Available for Occupation

Light Green Land --> Signifies that land is available for occupation from an opponent
To occupy a land, select a land that is available for occupation and press occupy:
Next, you will enter into a selection screen. Be sure to select Code Greens of equal or higher total weight than your opponents to occupy their land.
Once you have earned victory, a window will pop-up!

Protected Lands

Blue Land --> Signifies that land is occupied by others and is currently protected
"Occupy" button is greyed our as land is not available to occupy
When the land is protected, it is unavailable for occupation. The protection period will randomly end within 8 ~ 12 hours. When the protection period is over, other players can use Code Greens with equal or higher weights than the opponents to invade and occupy the land. Players can refresh the big map at the home page to check available land at any time.

Your Protected Lands

Orange Land with Blue Spot --> Lands that you have occupied that is currently protected and others cannot occupy
You can click on your own land to view the weight and the occupation time.

Harvestable Lands

Orange Land with Yellow Star --> These lands are ready and available for harvest.
Even if you did not harvest the lands in time before an opponent comes to occupy your land, you will still receive those rewards in your wallet.


After a land has been occupied for a period of time, the player would receive one of the following reward. This could be either NFT equipment or trophies.

🏆 Trophy

The trophy can be exchanged for USDT or future game tokens. They can also be used in the future NFT upgrading system which will be coming soon.


Different equipment may have the same attribute with certain Code Green, which can greatly increase Code Green’s battling attributes and thus earn more rewards from winning battles. Read more about the equipment here:


If you are curious about your rank on the leaderboard, be sure to click on the "rank" button.
Over here, you will be able to see your ranking against other players.
Remember to reap those rewards by participating actively in this feature!!