📝 Game Guide

Visit GameFi section via the link:
You will be able to view all our available features.

Active Features

1) Battle (EXP Battle)
2) Land (Land Occupation)
3) Upgrade (Upgrade Function)
4) Breed (Breed your Code Greens)
5) Spaceship Battles (Play-to-Earn!):Refer to more details here

Seasonal Features (Available from time to time)

1) Raffle
2) Tournament


The reborn function is only relevant to players who have NFTs that are unable to participate in any of our features.
To access the reborn function, look for the "reborn" icon on the bottom left of the Gamefi page. If you are unable to find this icon, this means that there is no need for you to use this function on any of your NFTs.
Select among the NFTs that needs to be reborn.
Click on the reborn button and wait for confirmation.
Once done, you would have to wait for up to a day for your reborn Code Greens to show up.