Breeding System

Finally, you'll be able to breed your Code Greens!!
The Breeding System has finally been activated.
Please select the following to enter:
⚠️This Trial Breeding System will only open to the 50 Breeding Barn airdrop winners this time as players need Breeding Barn to join the event! As a pilot trial, we have prepared a series of special-look Gen II Code Greens.

Breeding Guide

1) Select an eligible NFT as a host for breeding on the Breeding System page. The 👽 Code Green NFT must be at least Lv20 to be qualified for breeding.
2) Select to confirm the Breeding process and deduction of 🏆 Trophies to proceed. Every breeding process requires different amounts of Trophies 🏆.
3) An egg will be received upon completing the Breeding process. The incubation period takes 7 days. (Your egg is non-matured during this period)
You can choose to exchange your non-matured egg during the 7-day period for 50 BUSD via the buy-back function.
4) The acceleration function can be used to speedup the incubation period. You will require 20 Trophies🏆 to accelerate and reduce 24hrs🕒 of the incubation process.
5) Select the fully-matured egg for hatching 🐣. Once hatched, a new Gen-II Code Green is born.
⚠️ Notes:
  • Every Code Green NFT can be bred up to the maximum of 7 times.
  • For the 50 winners, as this is the trial breeding, it WILL NOT cost your breeding time.
  • The offspring’s attributes will be inherited from the parent NFT. During the inheritance process, there might be genetic modifications🧬that cause the offspring to differ from the parent.

Valentine's Day Collection Privileges

--> Valentine Collection NFTs can begin breeding from Lvl 15 instead of Lvl 20.
--> For the Valentine Collection NFTs, there will not be any negative genetic modifications. The offspring will only receive equivalent or improved attributes.
We hope you enjoy breeding your Code Greens. Remember to share those super cool Gen-II Code Greens on social media and tag us. 🔥